• 07.25.2011

    Designer Graves

    After seeing the release of Factory Records founder Tony Wilson’s grave, we had a feeling that some of our other favorite designers wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to make their last visual statement…

    Tony Wilson; founder of Factory Records. 1950 - 2007. Grave designed by Peter Saville and Ben Kelly.Bruce Goff; architect. 1904 - 1982

    Alvar Aalto; architect & designer. 1898 - 1976

    Adolf Loos; architect. 1870 - 1933

    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; architect & furniture designer. 1886 - 1969. 

    Paul Rand; graphic designer. 1914 - 1996.

    Frank Lloyd Wright; architect. 1867 - 1959

    Manon Gropius, daughter of Walter Gropius. 1916 - 1935. Grave designed by Walter Gropius.

    Le Corbusier; architect, designer, & painter. 1887 - 1965.

    Carlo Scarpa; architect. 1906 - 1978. Scarpa actually designed the entire cemetery he was buried in. Scarpa was commissioned by the Brion family to design an addition to the preexisting cemetery. In classic Scarpa style, he created a monumental tomb with immaculate architectural detail. Scarpa must have loved his end product so much, that he was buried there himself.

    Brion Cemetery, designed by Carlo Scarpa. 

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